Gondolkozz ezen

A gondolat belepusztul a dologtalanságba. Ramana Maharshi

Falling in Love

is a biochemical process, it happens in the laboratory of the soul. Few minutes eyes-gazing in silence is enough to enter the gate of the other person. It happens naturally, effortless and is a mere act of alchemical hypnosis. So why do we attach that much value, and take for granted- this easy push-button effect - called Love? Seriousness arises when we are able to sit in silence - alone or with a partner vis-a vis. As silence emerges, universal love arises. Only silence is pure Love, it separates and reunites Truth & Untruth. It is so much more important to learn to listen, than to speak.

Sva Marga: follow your own journey, find your own lake within.