Gondolkozz ezen

All attachments lead inevitably to corruption. Attachment is a form of security created by the comfort seeker man who is frightened to stand alone. But this security is illusional.

If I am ending completely ALL attachments NOW - with all of its corruption - I can reincarnate NOW and not after (death). But we are frightened to end - not knowing what is happening after - there can be no ending - as long as I know what is happening - as long as I hold onto my attachments, the content of my consciousness.

Time and thoughts put together the content of consciousness. This content makes up the “ME”. This content is also the common ground on which humanity stands. So we are all contributing to maintain this consciousness full of fear, pleasure, belief, culture, sorrow, pain etc…We help to continue consciousness.

If the content is NOT - that is real freedom.

If I am violent, I am sustaining that consciousness, if I feel grief, pain, anxiety etc. - I help to hold it. But if you - through insight - liberate the content, you add something uncapturably valuable.

This is the greatest morality, to be free from that content - to give new meaning to life - which is love and compassion.


Brockwood Park 1981 - Extract #1 from Public Meeting #3 "Death - What happens if I don't end all the content of my consciousness?"